Showing EGgs

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In this articles we explore the different way eggs are judged and what to do to prepare your eggs for showing.

Egg showing can be fun and educational. The first few steps are simply choosing 3 to 6 eggs (depending on the show) that are the same shape, size and color. They need to be clean and clear of cracks and marks. Most shows are looking for the best set of eggs that are the most similar in shape and color. When choosing eggs it is important to look at the shape and color you want to collect the most similar eggs. I try to decide on one hen that I will be showing her eggs and collect them the week or two before. I then pick out the cleanest and best eggs. According to the APA show standard they are scoring on shape, size and color of the outside as well as the yoke and white inside the egg. It is important to collect fresh eggs and store them in an egg carton. This allows the yoke to stay centered in the egg and will present well when broken to examine the inside of the egg.

The first egg show I attended and showed at was ODPA’s first show. I showed a variety of eggs and learned the importance of collecting eggs of similar shape and colors. They also broke open one egg and examined the yoke and white for quality. Lessons learned from showing eggs at the ODPA are to collect and store eggs with the point end down to hold the yokes correctly, collect similar eggs and if possible, from the same hen. Entering a decorated egg can be a super fun, too. I also showed eggs this year at the Ohio National Poultry show. They judged the eggs on color, shape and similarity. The classes were by egg color and divided into waterfowl and chickens and then Large Fowl and Bantams. They also had a class for exotic eggs, sadly no one entered. This class was for guinea fowl, peafowl, and Struthio (ostrich, emus, and rheas). I entered six brown eggs from an older pullet and won third. At Ohio nationals, they also had a fun class for decorated eggs. The youth class was amazing with many eggs decorated to look like chickens, snowmen and other animals.

This is a fun way to display your artistic talents. Make an ornament for your tree or spent time dyeing your egg like Ukrainian Pysanky eggs or use markers and draw your favorite chicken. Below are some of my eggs that I have done in the pass. If you have questions or would like to learn more about showing eggs feel free to email me.

Looking for supplies for creating your amazing eggs and showing them to their best here are some of the items I use to help my eggs show their best: